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The Morgan State University Bookstore proudly supplies the academic community with textbooks, supplies and tools for the mind.

The Morgan State University Bookstore's mission is to support the administrative and academic goals of the University. In pursuit of this mission, the bookstore is an auxiliary entity that strives to serve the needs of students, faculty, staff, administrators, alumni, and members of the University community.

The primary functions of the bookstore are to:(1) provide exemplary customer service to students, faculty, staff, alumni, and friends; (2) provide textbooks for students at competitive prices when they are needed and in sufficient quantities; (3) make available an excellent product mix for customers; (4) develop marketing strategies that provide visibility to the store and to the University; (5) maintain efficient record keeping and meet the University's

We have adhered closely to our mission of providing goods and services at the lowest possible prices consistent with sound business policy. Its diverse selection of books, collegiate clothing and supplies reflects the wide variety of backgrounds and interests that make the school a world-class institution.

All Textbook Information, Inventory, and Pricing are Subject to Change Without Notice.



1700 E. Cold Spring Lane
Baltimore, MD 21251

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